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In recent times, bakers have switched preference from using eggs to using whey protein concentrate in cake premix. Although debatable, whey protein concentrate (WPC) is a necessary condiment to bake whole grain cakes.

To begin with, whey protein is a special protein concentrate formulated to provide essential amino acids that are needed by the body and can be easily absorbed. Whey proteins are formulated from the by-product of processed milk. Whey protein is containedin the liquid portion of milk. Whey from milk undergoes several processes before it becomes the powdered whey protein we see.


  1. It Absorbs moisture.
  2. It Mix with the dough to support its structure.
  3. It gives the dough its extensible and elastic properties.
  4. It aids in binding.
  5. Helps in Ease dough formation.
  6. It strengthens the dough.
  7. It increases moisture content and softness of the baked cake.
  8. It provides neutral favoring.
  9. It is heat stable.


Whey protein concentrate is formulated to give more nutritional value than egg protein can offer. The protein has a more neutral taste. Cakes baked with whey protein concentrate can last longer without a rapiddecline in taste and quality of the food. Because nutritionist is moving in the direction of natural whole grain baked goods as opposed to refined grains, whey protein concentrate has the properties that allowit to bind well with whole grain.

The use of whey protein in baking as a substitute for egg can help to develop lean muscle and reduce body fat. The absence of fat and cholesterol in whey protein makes it a significant way to escape from atherosclerosis, a condition of clogged arteries. Although egg white provides essential protein, whey protein concentrate provides a higher amount of branched chain amino Acids (BCAA) which are required for muscle development.

The gummy appearance of whole grain flour when the egg is used can easily be solved by using whey protein as a supplement to solve this problem. This is because whey protein binds easily to water which is the main cause of gumminess when soluble fibre, which is present in flour, is used.

In baking, gluten is important for the filling or rising of flow. Presence of gluten gives flour meal the texture and loafy appearance that is characteristic of baked goods. Although gluten is necessary for the appearance and texture of baked goods, gluten is not friendly to health. The use of whey protein can easily compensate for the absence of gluten in whole grain flour.

Aside from the nutritional value it provides, whey proteins also serve the taste buds well. It has a good feel in the mouth and can easily be flavoured. Bakers testified that the use of whey protein does adversely affect the taste of flour meal which makes a better substitute for the best value.

Aside from the matchless taste and mouthfeel of food baked with whey protein, whey protein serveas a fat emulsifier. Baked foods that are known to be fat-free are often baked with whey because of this effect. Because of the high demand for food free of trans fat, baking with whey protein is one way to meet such demands.

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