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Deciphering the Protein Puzzle: Understanding Casein vs. Caseinate

As unfamiliar as their names may seem, casein and caseinates are far from strangers in the realm of food additives. Delving into these protein components, we uncover the significant differences and the role they play in enhancing various culinary and

The Significance of Right F&B Packaging and Distribution

In the competitive landscape of the Food and Beverage industry, the significance of proper packaging and efficient distribution cannot be overstated. These factors not only play a vital role in brand presentation & differentiation but also contribute to product protection,

Rise in Healthy Desserts

As the temperature rises and the summer approaches, cravings for sweet treats like Ice Creams tend to increase. However, consumption in excess can often come at the cost of our health. Moreover, 3 years post-covid, the world still faces low-immunity

5 mistakes to avoid while purchasing food and beverage ingredients

No recipe is successful without good-quality ingredients. As much as timing plays an important role, ingredients are equally important. Choosing the right ingredients can help you avoid delays and wastage of resources, time, and effort.  Our industry expert and Chief

Butter vs. Ghee, What is the difference?

Are you as a food manufacturer often confused about whether to use Butter or Ghee in your recipes? To decide that, we need to know their nutritional value and benefits vs. disadvantages of each. Some recipes require one to add

The Future of the Dairy Industry

India is said to be the largest milk producer, contributing to about 23% of global milk production. As per data, milk production has increased from 146.31 mn tonnes in 2014-15 to 209.96 mn tonnes in 2020-21, wherein the top 3

Impact of War on Indian Baking Industry

Amid the ongoing war between Russia & Ukraine, not only has there been loss of lives but it also impacted the economy across the world. The Black Sea port region—an arterial supply route for trade from former soviet states to

The Future of F&B Industry

As we move past another Covid-19 wave and gear up for normalcy, there is something that needs attention – the food and beverage trends and it’s likely future. Covid-19 has rewritten the playbook of the industry largely, but from the

Rise of Protein Cookies & Desserts

After coronavirus hit the world, the food and beverage industry has seen a rise in the demand for a healthy palate. One of the nutrients that has played an important role in the recovery of millions, has been protein.  From

All about post-covid protein diet

Diet has always played an important role in one’s health and fitness. With the ongoing situation, maintaining it is more imperative to indulge in mindful eating with proper diet plans. Not only that, but healthcare professionals have also suggested and

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