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Our Milestones

What makes an organisation last for 7 decades? It’s the perseverance and dedication of each generation of the family to join the business only to innovate and take it to new heights.


1945 - Establishment

Business established by Mr. Asha Ram Gupta as a private partnership in Med Ganj, near Khari Bawri to trade pulses.

1960-75 - Separation, Expansion, and Re-establishment

1960: Asha Ram Ram Saroop was established in Med Ganj to supply Molasses to Yeast manufacturers.
1970: Asha Ram & Sons was set up as a partnership company.
1975: Mr. Ram Avtar Gupta separated and moved the office to Paharganj.

1976-81 - Product Expansion

1976: Started supplying bakery essentials like Yeast and Molasses.
1977: Started handling a large number of walk-in customers from bakeries and wholesalers in North India due to close proximity to the railway station.
1980: Added products product lines in the bakery industry further, like Calcium Propionate and GMS.

1982-96 - Bread Expert Joins

1982: Mr. Shiv Kumar Gupta, after completing his graduation, establihses Shakti Bread.
1984: Mr. Shiv Gupta achieves the target of Shakti Bread being No. 1 bread in Delhi.
1985: Mr. Shiv Gupta sets up the first diesel oven in Delhi.
1989: Mr. Shiv Gupta joined the family business with 6 years of experience in a bread factory. He also converts it into a Private Limited organisation.
1996: Started importing Vital Wheat Gluten.

1997 - 2010 - Collaborations & Structurisation

1997: Collaborated with Sonic Biochem.
2000: Organised and structured the company better with respect to compliances and process optimisation.
2001: Established sales & distribution channels while onboarding brands like General Mills and more under ARS Food Ingredients Pvt. Ltd.
2003: Started importing Cocoa Powder.
2010: Moved to a new office in D-Mall, Pitampura, New Delhi. Also enhanced storage capacity by adding more warehouses. Introduced cell phones for frequent communication.

2011 - 2020 - 4th Generation Entrepreneur Joins

2011: Added warehouse capacity in Mumbai, Delhi, and Noida.
2012: Mr. Akshit Gupta joined the business after completing his graduation in Bakery Science and Technology from U.S.A. Added a new warehouse and manufacturing plant at Lawrence Road, New Delhi.
2013: Started manufacturing Calcium Propionate and Bread Improver.
2014: Expanded distribution business – ARS Foods Ingredients Pvt. Ltd. by launching Magic Masti.
2018: Mr. Akshit Gupta partnered with brands like Fonterra, DuPont, and JB Cocoa. Expanded business in dairy industry.
2020: Mr. Akshit Gupta expanded the distribution business in Noida region.

2021 - 2022 - Automation & Growth

2021: Mr. Akshit Gupta utilises his strategy skills and automated the business by implementing ERP system.
2022: Introduced new brands like Xpres Bake and Gold Farm. Enhanced warehousing capacity upto 3 lakh sq. feet.

Today - A Step Towards Sustainability

Mr. Akshit Gupta believes that learning and innovation never stops. He adopted sustainability practices like adding Solar Power and e-Vehicles for delivery fleet. To expand further, the team is growing constantly and to accommodate the numbers, tookover more office space.

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